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Property Transactions

All property transactions have to be considered from the perspective of both the vendor and the purchaser, with a variety of different taxes under consideration.

It is often necessary for the purchaser to understand the reasons why a vendor is proposing to structure a property transaction in a certain way (perhaps to ensure profits are taxed at a lower rate), and in a similar vein, it can be very helpful for a vendor to understand the business of the purchaser, and how this can impact on their preferred structure (such as a VAT-exempt business and identifying how the VAT cost can be minimised).

Our tax team work with our clients and their professional advisors to ensure that their property investment or development is structured in the most tax-efficient manner.

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Acquiring or holding property

Advice on the most appropriate structure for acquiring or holding property (Irish company, partnership, foreign LLP, foreign holding company etc.).

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Financing the acquisition of a property

Advice on financing the acquisition of a property, should this be by way of share capital, loan or a combination of both.

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All aspects of tax compliance

Advice on all aspects of tax compliance for a project including stamp duty, relevant contracts tax, VAT, corporation tax, etc.

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Accurate projections of tax costs and other cash flows

To determine the net profit and internal rate of return of the investment.

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Foreign investments

Advice regarding all aspects of tax compliance and double taxation relief in the case of foreign investments

Our tax team also provides expert advice in relation to VAT on various property transactions, helping to ensure that the legal and other advisors can focus on their areas of expertise.

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