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What Is The Value of Your Business?

Our Corporate Finance team is led by Jason Bradshaw who offers a partner led approach. Jason, a Fellow Chartered Accountant, has in-depth expert knowledge across a wide range of sectors, serving clients for over 20 years.

Throughout the last number of years, we have advised on an extensive list of advisory projects, with our clients ranging from SMEs to large international organisations. Our Corporate Finance team have won awards at the last two Finance Dublin’s Deal of Year Awards. We are also one of Ireland’s leading Corporate Finance M&A firms, completing over 60 deals over the last three years, with a combined deal value of circa €500 million.

Our Corporate Finance team reports on the value of a business for a variety of circumstances, including the following:

·      Evaluating disposing of your business

·      Examining a business acquisition opportunity

·      Fundraising

·      Tax Planning

·      Employee share ownership plans and incentive schemes

·      Shareholder disputes and litigation

·      Divorce or marital separation

Valuations determine the present value of a company, investment or an asset. An accurate valuation is crucial for making informed strategic decisions.

In order to attain a vigorous valuation of your company, investment or asset it is crucial that we analyse all relevant information. We would conduct both quantitative and qualitative valuations, to guide you and arrive at a realistic value.

A quantitative analysis involves the review of financial information. This includes a review of its historical financial performance by reference to the audited financial statements and management accounts. As the value of a business should be based on its future earnings potential, we will also seek to assess the next year’s budget and the long-term projections for the business.

A qualitative analysis uses subjective judgment to analyse a company's value or prospects based on non-quantifiable information, such as management expertise, industry cycles and labour relations etcetera.

Depending on the type of business there are a number of approaches to valuation, including:

·      Asset valuations

·      Earnings/ EBITDA valuations

·      Dividend yield valuations

·      Discounted cash flows

·      Hybrids of the above

Our Corporate Finance Team will generally use more than one approach to cross-check and validate the outcome of the valuation.


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